Bicycles  have been a part of my life in some capacity since I was 7. I have ridden bikes for much of my life. I got my drivers license at 25 mostly due to the fact that I was able to get around reasonably well on my bike. In the last five or so years, I have taken an interest in bike repair and customization. I still try to commute a few times a week to work, but the majority of my time is spent working on bikes.

I have been selling bikes and components on Craigslist, eBay, and local bike swaps on and off now for six years. I have some great stories of Craigslist bicycle transactions that I will share on my blog all in good time. My first foray into bike repair was started by taking a simple evening bike tune-up class at the Bellingham Hub,  followed by frequent frantic phone calls to my father, and the plethora of online resources (see some of my links!) out there. The progression over the years of bike technology is a topic that fascinates me. Looking at the different builders and nationalities of bikes, and how they differ is also interesting to me.

Two years ago, I started to ride somewhat seriously during the bike season with a solid group of people that I have had the pleasure of meeting through my lovely girlfriend, Jenica. With the support of that group we have conquered some of the more challenging organized bike rides that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. It is with this group that I rode my first century, my first double century, and my first multi-day ride.




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